Cooked meats section

A large selection of meats and cheeses for all tastes

In our delicatessen section you will find a wide variety of cooked meat and cheese options, for all tastes. Discover the wide variety of national and international cheeses that we have available. Cured, semi, manchego, low-fat, international cheeses such as gouda, massdam… or the much desired and special ones such as goat’s cheese, camembert, black garlic cheese, blue cheese or cheeses with pineapple, a delicacy for a different snack.

We want you to take care of yourself while enjoying all the flavour, that’s why at the Dialprix delicatessen you’ll find a selection of healthy cured meats such as low-salt cooked ham, 0% turkey breast or chorizo ​​and turkey salami.

We have cured hams in our Dialprix supermarkets throughout the year, being a great solution to have at home and use in those very special recipes or in sandwiches. And at Christmas we think of you, do not forget to collect your Christmas orders. The cheese and cold meat boards are the perfect starter for those days of celebration. We prepare them for you as always so that you save time in the kitchen and can enjoy what really matters. Order them in our Dialprix delicatessen section. We create them to your liking, all ready to serve.