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Welcome to Our Family of Brands!

In our commitment to offer you the best, we present you with an exceptional selection of brands that reflect quality, innovation and satisfaction. From healthy and sustainable options to products that delight your palate, each of our brands is designed to enrich your life. Explore our variety and discover how each brand tells its own unique story while coming together in a common purpose: to offer you extraordinary experiences every step of the way.

Alteza: Your food brand, addressing your concerns about health, sustainability and quality. More than 1,300 references for you and your family. Commitment to exacting standards and safety at every stage. Always improving to provide you with the best options, regardless of the length of our relationship with you.

Deleitum: Culinary excellence at your fingertips. Gourmet products of unsurpassed quality, carefully selected to elevate your special occasions. From romantic dinners to family celebrations, Deleitum makes every moment unforgettable.

Selex: Your choice for a tidy, clean and ecological home. Our quality products guarantee the cleanliness of floors, surfaces and clothing. From detergents to recycled cellulose, we are committed to efficiency and sustainability. Take care of your home and the planet with Selex.

Crowe: Your choice in personal care. We offer innovative solutions for hair and skin, designed for all ages. Endorsed by renowned cosmetic brands, our products are formulated with effective, panel-tested ingredients. We prioritize safety and quality, with no animal testing. Discover our four lines of products for the whole family: Crowe, Juliette Crowe, Crowe Man and Crowe Kids.

Tandy: Take care of your pet at all stages of life. We offer dry and wet food for dogs, cats and birds, along with scented litter and absorbent beads for cats. Discover our premium line, Tandy Plus, endorsed by veterinarians and enriched with essential vitamins for a shiny coat, strong bones and general well-being. Tandy is the quality choice to nurture and pamper your furry companion.