Welcome to Dialprix, your freshest supermarket store!

At Dialprix we want to offer you the best, that's why we only stock the freshest, best quality products in our stores.

We know what you like, because we're close to you, that's why we're detail-brientea, inquisitive, vital and approachable, inspiring you to take a healthier approach to your diet, sharing your culture and stocking local products that are as fresh as they can possibly can be.

All under the watchful eye of a team of professionals who take enormous pride both in the product and in customer care, in 91 supermarket stores across Valencia, Alicante, Murcia and the Canary Islands.

Dialprix is part of the Musgrave España grocery distribution group, which manages other businesses such as SuperValu supermarkets, Dicost stores and the wholesale business Cash&Carry/Dialsur. This Alicante-based company is also the Spanish subsidiary of Musgrave Group, a leading food sector company based in Ireland and with major business interests in the United Kingdom.

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